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Business Development - Corporate/Iwi/Govt.

After completing an Environmental Science Degree at Waikato University I joined Hawkes Bay Regional Council as a water quality technical advisor, monitoring lakes and river across the region.   

A relocation to the South Island enabled me to join the farm monitoring teams of ECAN and West Coast Regional Council. These roles gave me a comprehensive overview of the range of farm systems in New Zealand and the challenges farmers faced achieving environmental compliance. The roles brought me into contact with farmers and the wider industry – milk processors, AgResearch and DairyNZ.

The interactions I had had with farmers in the South Island convinced me that I wanted to concentrate my skills on-farm where I felt I could make a difference and in 2014 I joined Hi-Tech Enviro Solutions in a Business Development role.

My role with Hi-Tech involves me working with farmers, across the spectrum of systems and ownership structures, and dealers around New Zealand resolving the environmental challenges they face with cost-effective, efficient and effective management systems.